A Swiss-based technology company received a request from Myanmar for the supply and installation of health care equipment. It was already in touch with the international law firm that LM Prisk regularly cooperates with for legal due diligence regarding international sanctions against the country.

The company asked LM Prisk for corresponding best practice strategies on how to process its transactions with maximum transparency and efficiency. With media attention on Myanmar being high due to the regime’s repression of the Muslim minority of Rohingya, the company was particularly concerned about its reputation, and afraid that business operations would be perceived as collaboration. Applying our long-term experience in providing best practice solutions to MNCs in comparable situations, LM Prisk tailored a comprehensive strategy.

The company finally completed the project in an efficient and transparent manner. Furthermore, the reputational risks remained minimal, since the company was able to promote its activities as a contribution to the sustainable development of the country for the benefit of everyone.